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General Departmental Forms & Documents

  1. Biology Letterhead (Word DOC)
  2. Vehicle Authorization Form (Word DOC PDF)
  3. Off-Campus Equipment Use Form (Word DOC PDF)
  4. Lecturer to Senior Lecturer Promotion Procedures (PDF)
Accounting Forms & Documents

  1. Application for Purchase Of Computers (Word DOC PDF)
  2. Reimbursement Form for out of Pocket Expense (Word DOC)
  3. Biology Travel Reimbursement Request (PDF)
  4. UNC Travel Reimbursement (PDF)
Course-related Forms & Documents

  1. Biology Course Changes And Additions Form (Word DOC PDF)
  2. New and Temporary Faculty Course and Exam Information (PDF)
Human Resources Forms & Documents

  1. UNC Benefits Forms (Web Link)
  2. UNC Career Banding Forms (Web Link)
  3. UNC Leave Forms (Web Link)
  4. UNC Payroll Forms (Web Link)
  5. UNC Training & Development Forms (Web Link)
  6. UNC Workers’ Compensation Forms (Web Link)