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Stronger security for your UNC accounts

With 2-Step Verification, password + proof = access

Two authenticators to keep you safe

At UNC, there are 2 ways to 2-Step. We know that having more than one way to verify your identity might seem confusing at first, but these two industry-standard tools are the most effective ways to protect your accounts.

Office 365 Logo

Office 365 has 2-Step Verification built in. It will be required for all campus users this fall.


Duo Security Logo

For all other 2-Step uses on campus, including VPN and online W-2s, we use Duo Security.

Get Started: Download the Duo and Microsoft authenticator apps to your phone

Whether you are setting up 2-Step for use with Office 365 or applications that use Duo, the easiest method for both is to use the available phone apps. Simply search “Duo Security” and “Microsoft Authenticator” in your app store to download these free apps.

Enroll in 2-Step for Office 365 (Heelmail)

To set up 2-Step for Microsoft Office 365, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit and click on “2-Step Verification for Office 365.”
  2. Follow the quick on-screen prompts to opt in to 2-Step Verification.
  3. Visit to finish your 2-Step enrollment.

Enroll in Duo Security

Duo Security is used by all non-Office 365 applications on campus that require 2-Step for access. To get started, visit and click on “2-Step Verification for Duo.” You’ll need your PID and mobile phone to complete registration. Pro tip: be ready to set up a preferred method and a back-up option. That way, if you lose your phone or leave it at home, you’ll have an alternate way to authenticate your accounts.

Top Tip: App passwords are essential for Office 365!

If you use an email app on your phone that is not the official Microsoft Outlook app, you will need to get an app password during step three of the enrollment process listed above. You need to enter this passcode in your email app just once to keep receiving your messages.

If you miss this during the enrollment process, visit the “Security & Privacy” section of your account settings. Then, click on “Additional security verification.” A tab for app passwords can be found there.

2-Step Verification Calendar

Services already requiring 2-Step:

  • Student Financials in ConnectCarolina (Duo)
  • Online W-2 access (Duo)
  • Campus VPN (Duo)
  • Multiple IT administrative applications (Duo)
  • 1-Phish, 2-Step rule
  • ConnectCarolina Administrative Users
  • Multiple applications for Research Administration

Services available for 2-Step:

  • Early sign-up for students, faculty and staff in Office 365

What’s coming for 2-Step:

  • October 2018: Required for students in Office 365 (currently optional)
  • November 2018: Required for faculty and staff in Office 365 (currently optional)